Digital Formats

changeways connects the analogue with the digital world for the best possible results. Enable your employees to study in a virtual classroom, familiarise themselves with a subject matter using worksheets or test their acquired knowledge through a dedicated quiz app. The possibilities are diverse. We endeavour to find the best format for you and embed it into a goal-oriented personnel development programme.

Learning Slides

Learning Slides are animated self-learning media in which different evaluations can also be incorporated. Depending on the authoring tool used, different media, e.g. videos, can also be incorporated. Learning slides that are interestingly designed and professionally integrated into a media mix are suitable for supplementing and partially replacing knowledge-oriented classroom training.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms simulate seminar rooms and are suitable for virtual meetings and trainings. Depending on the provider, web conferencing, web seminars and live e-learning can be carried out. Using various tools, such as screen sharing, moderator suitcases, webcams and rooms for group work, the application ranges from one-on-one communication to webcasts with thousands of participants. We prefer to work with the “Vitero” system.

Learning Videos

The spectrum of learning videos ranges from recorded situations for use in seminars to complete training sequences as a learning library. Using green screen technology, professional films can be produced at attractive costs. We can create a large part of them for you in our in-house virtual studio.

Web Conferencing

Known through software such as “Zoom” and “MS Teams”, web conferencing offers a wide range of applications in the area of personnel development. From job interviews and individual coachings to seminar content, many things can be implemented with high quality. Green screen technology and additional software provide exciting backgrounds and varied use of presentation techniques.

Virtual Studio Training

In our in-house Virtual Studio, we conduct live training sessions for you in CI-compatible virtual environments and convey your knowledge content and messages in HD quality. In addition, we also produce videos for e-learning and corporate communications in the shortest possible time. Through the combination of special software, green screen technology and HD industrial cameras, as well as the professional support of our experienced studio assistance, perfect virtual environments for diversified measures of personnel development are created.


Known from the gaming scene, avatars offer fascinating possibilities for use in learning environments. Discover game-based learning worlds with realistic tasks or meet an avatar in the customer and/or employee role using VR glasses and practice challenging conversations with immediate feedback. The entire learning environment can be adapted to your CI.


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Can we help you?

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