What makes changeways consulting different? It starts with the agreement of realistic consulting goals, involves all participants, and focuses on what is feasible. The basis is an intensive analysis of all resources and processes by means of suitable key figures, surveys and observations at the relevant points. We then advise you on the measures to be taken to achieve the goals and their acceptance. For their implementation, we also build on our extensive training and coaching experience.

Sample projects

Please find examples of our past projects below.

Management consulting Asia Pacific

Initial situation

At locations situated in the Asia Pacific region of an international industrial enterprise, employees performance was to be optimised through improved internal communication and with consideration of distinct economic and cultural frameworks.

Intervention and solution

changeways developed 360° feedbacks and accompanied the executives throughout the implementation. During the individual interviews which followed, the results of the feedback were reviewed. The successive workshop with executives was then used to assemble concrete action steps to optimise the employee potential. Both the practical phase and the critical reflection of methodologies were subsequently supported by changeways.

International business development

Initial situation

An international industrial enterprise took over several companies from similar industries in a short amount of time. The key requirement for this process was to harmonise the different organisational structures.

Intervention and solution

changeways initially interviewed relevant employees and executives in various markets, to determine the current state of affairs and expectations for the future. Subsequently a proposal was developed to show the future organisational structure, while support was given for the implementation.

Company values

Initial situation

Due to a strategic and social reorientation of an international industrial enterprise, it was necessary to reflect on the brand values.

Intervention and solution

changeways developed the brand values of the company through various workshops with executives. Successively these values were integrated into all relevant tools of human resources management. A development centre was used to determine the current status and potential of selected senior managers, in regards to brand values.



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